Established in 1996 Northern Tree Services is dedicated to the care and management of trees. We specialise in providing a personalised service to both domestic and commercial concerns. We offer free advice and a thorough consultation prior to any works being agreed upon. Our reputation is based on professionalism; a courteous, friendly approach and a desire to fulfill the needs of our clients whilst taking into account the welfare of the tree.

All services include:

  • VAT

  • Full public liability insurance: £5,000,000

  • Fully qualified work (National Proficiency Test Council) to British Standard No. 3998

“Trees are an essential element of life on this planet for their environmental role as absorbers and storers of carbon. They are also beautiful and useful in so many ways” - Neil Sidaway, Founder


  • Free advice/consultation; awareness of the laws and regulations involved, including liaison with appropriate authorities re: tree preservation orders etc.

  • Free estimates

  • Tree surveys; analysis of species, age, height, vigour, hazards and risk assessment.

  • Tree surgery; pruning (shaping, crown cleaning etc), felling, dismantling, ivy removal, stump grinding and treatment.

  • Planting; choice and position.

  • Hedge cutting; reduction and shaping.

  • Removal of all unwanted arisings

  • Chipping and logging.

Northern Tree Services

Sleepy Hollow, Low Allanwood Farm,
Broadwath, Cumbria, CA89BA

Mobile: 07970 420299


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